Happy happy birthday 

When I began this endeavor to blog, I promised myself I’d write every day. That lasted a whole 11 days, which is far longer than I anticipated. I took an involuntary hiatus due to work, kids, and the festivities of my birthday and Mother’s Day. So, I’ll do a quick recap of my time off. Last Friday was my 28th birthday, and it was oh so eventful. Yawn.

My day began at 7:15 am when I sprung out of bed, hair disheveled, in my night gown, no bra, realizing I was late waking my oldest son up for school. I got him to the car and quickly checked my bank account for any changes. My husband’s paycheck was deposited, but there had been a purchase at Walmart I hadn’t made, and I was almost certain dear hubby had no gone either. I quickly called him only to discover I had ruined my birthday surprise. In my haste, I missed what he had set up for me after working all night and going to the store to grab it. I felt awful, but still felt the much appreciated sentiment. I spent the rest of the day watching Netflix, and lounging. I did manage to fit in a trip to get my hair trimmed because it was in serious need of some TLC.

After that, I went to my parent’s house and was surprised with a cake and a kickass chicken pot pie my mom makes. That and my husband’s gesture made my whole day. For my birthday, I took a few days off from work, so I promised the kids a water park trip on Saturday. 

That was the trip from hell. We got a late start. I hate running behind, even if there was no set time. I had a schedule in my head I wanted to stick to. We make the hour trip there, only to pull into the parking lot with a flat tire. Oh joy. We went on in to try to salvage the trip. It was hot and miserable. We went out to eat our lunches and the dear husband got to change the tire in a cement jungle in 90+ degree weather. 

After lunch, we get all the way back in the park to realize the water park shut down for a while for maintenance and safety checks. After profusely promising the kids a trip again at the end of the month, we made the journey home. I could’ve kissed the drive way after that miserable experience. Back in my bubble. With my cup, chaise lounge, pillow, blanket, and book. 

Being an introvert is such hard work.


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