So, I took a hiatus, unintentionally. My work schedule, Netflix and Kindle binges, and depression over my rapid deteriorating thyroid have allowed me to let so many things go by the wayside. Appearance, cleaning my house, blogging, etc. I thought I’d start back up with a refreshing list of facts not many people know about me.

1. I hate people. Every job I have ever had has been in customer service and dealing with the public. I am wonderful at it, and have awesome people skills. I just don’t like them. I am, however, great at hiding my disdain for the general public. If there were thought police, I’d be imprisoned for life, if not executed.

2. Southern accents make my ears hurt. Being from the South, this is a problem. The Southern drawl just does not have a place in intelligent conversations to me. It makes people sound ignorant, in my brutally honest opinion.

3. I am addicted to my rebate apps. I am constantly trying to find new ways to earn gift cards with points, get money back on my grocery and other shopping, and fill out survey for extra money. It’s paid off quite often this year.

4. I hate the heat and humidity of the South, but my husband and I are desperate to move to Florida after I finish my RN degree. Seems ludicrous but we love the area we found.

5. Going back to school in a few weeks makes me feel hella old. I know I am by far not even close to the oldest person to be going back to school, but seeing all those fresh faces when I was on campus registering and whatnot made me feel ancient. I don’t know if my kids are aging me quickly or what, but I feel well beyond my 28 years.

6. We have 7 pets, unintentionally. We got one dog, one cat, another dog, another cat. We thought both cats were female, and BAM, a litter of three kittens is born in my living room closet. We immediately said the kittens had to go  as soon as they were of age, but then the prospect seemed cruel. To take her only children away. Alas, we have 7 pets and 3 kids. Essentially, I have 10 kids.

7. I am socially awkward. If given a choice between socialization, and being alone with a book and Netflix, I’ll pick alone EVERY time.

8. I lose my purse, phone, keys, debit card, etc. DAILY. If my head weren’t attached, I’d be searching for it too.

9. The TV show The Middle, is an accurate depiction of my family. Enough said.

10. I am terrified that I won’t hack it in nursing school  because it is my dream job, even though I never knew it was.

11. I am offended be eternally offended people being offended by shit that should never be found offensive.

*Those are just a few things about me not many know. If you are offended, oh well. You probably walk through life being offended.


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