I hate my job. It’s not one specific thing really. It’s everything!

The people make me avoid social situations, the customers make me want to throat punch someone, the managers treat me like I’m 5 and know nothing about anything. The tasks are mundane and it all makes me left wondering if there is something more to life, or is this it for me?

I was feeling antsy about it maybe 6 months in? That’s a bit quick if you ask me. Then, one day, something changed my life. As weird as it may sound, that was Grey’s Anatomy. It made me wonder what if I possibly went back to school, and made my way back into the medical field. Could I? Would I?

Yes I could, and yes I would! Not only would this better my life, my financial situation, and make me happier, this will show my children that no matter what, it’s never too late to change something you are unhappy with.

Last night, I broke down and admitted to my husband that while I’m excited about going back to school in a few weeks, I am nervous and scared of failing. I cried, I rationalized, I talked, and it all comes down to the fact that I never thought I’d be going back to college, ever. But even more so at age 28 after almost 7 years of marriage and three kids.

Fortunately, I have an insanely supportive husband who is there for me every step of the way on this crazy journey.

I said all of that, to say this. I woke up this morning, and didn’t feel so heavy I couldn’t get out of bed. I got up, cleaned my kitchen, made my kids do something besides  being glued to TV and tablets, had a dance party in my shower (ode to Meredith and Christina who would be proud), and feel positive about going into work tonight.

All because, I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.


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